Player Values – Ups

September 6, 2017 | FP Strategist

Handicaps go up and down depending on player performance throughout the seasons and throughout the year. The same goes for Fantasy player values. With a whole year of hard core stats under our belts it was time to take a long hard look at those players from last year and reassess their Fantasy worth. This is not a reflection of their worth as a player on the field, just their value as a Fantasy pick.


Notable Ups:

Facundo Pieres (Ellerstina):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 472.25

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 1

Value: 36,500 —> 39,000

Comments: He might be number 2 in the world but he has proved himself time and time again to be the TOP pick when it comes to Fantasy which, unfortunately for you, makes him the most expensive on the roster.


David “Pelon” Stirling (La Dolfina):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 391

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 3

Value: 26,500 —> 34,000

Comments: This big jump in value is due to his impressive performance in last year’s Triple Crown, ranking 3rd despite being valued at the 7th most valuable and being valued as the lowest member of the La Dolfina team. He proved everyone wrong with his high scores.


Hilario Ulloa (Alegria):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 355.5

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 5

Value: 27,500 —> 30,000

Comments: The only non-finalist up there amongst Ellerstina and La Dolfina, Ulloa is a big player for Fantasy and deserves this $2,500 raise. He played 2 games fewer than the finalists and still ranked 5th.


Nico Pieres (Ellerstina):

Score in last year’s Triple Crown: 321.25

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 6

Value: 22,000 —> 25,000

Comments: Moving up to 10 goals after last year’s Triple Crown, Nico is now up there with his brothers, overtaking cousin Polito and after ranking 6th last year, proving that he is a worthy Fantasy pick.


Joaquin Pittaluga (Cría Yatay):

Score in 2016 (Classification, Hurlingham and Argentine Open): 296.5

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 24

Value: 16,000 —> 19,000

Comments: A slightly unknown entity, Pittaluga was last year’s ultimate wildcard and his performance was clearly recognised by the Association as well resulting in a handicap raise to 8. A bargain off his handicap and value last year it will be interesting to see how he performs now that he has been raised.


Iñaki Laprida (Cría Yatay):

Score in 2016 (Classification, Hurlingham and Argentine Open): 272.5

Ranking in last year’s Triple Crown: 11

Value: 10,000 —> 16,000

Comments: A huge $6k increase is the result of a stellar Fantasy performance in last year’s Classification, Hurlingham and Argentine Open tournaments that had him up in the rankings with the big boys despite his 7 goal handicap. A handicap raise was on the cards and he now joins the 8 goalers. Time will tell if he is as valuable off this new price tag.


Ph: Katerina Morgan