Players to Avoid 

June 3, 2017 | James Dodge

While some players are worth their weight in gold on the field, their style of play does not lend itself to high Fantasy Polo scores. We take a look at those players who look great on the field, but should be avoided when picking your dream team.

Adolfo Cambiaso has been playing great from the field and I almost put him in the wild card section until this most recent game in which he scored just 4.75 points to put him in 26th place in the FP ranking, that’s over halfway down. He has been missing penalty shots left and right. In two games he has gone 4-11 that is only 36% which is surprising low for “the great one”. Until he can bounce back I would stay away.

Charles Cooney is the other one goaler on King Power Foxes and while his team might be very strong he isn’t doing much to earn himself fantasy points. In his first two games he only earned 1 and 4 points. While he improved slightly to earn 7.25 in his last match, there is much better value if you are looking for someone in his price range.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo