Players to Watch

May 8, 2017 | James Dodge

Jeronimo Del Carril crushed the Dubai season with his amazing play. He averaged 26 points per game over three games. He also averaged 5 total goals a game, the only US players to beat him in that same period of time were Diego Cavanagh and Facundo Pieres. He was the lowest goal penalty taker which makes him very valuable.  He had the highest point/ per $1000 value, more than Facundo Pieres and Adolfo Cambiaso combined. If he keeps taking penalties in the UK he will certainly be one to watch, and a fantastic player to add to your line up.

Adolfo Cambiaso is obviously the best player in the world, but until now his play hasn’t justified his very high price tag. His team in the UK is built around him and Rodrigo Andrade. We haven’t seen Andrade take penalties for any team in the US or on his past teams in the UK. This would point to Cambiaso returning to the penalty line after letting Diego Cavanagh take them during the US season. This would increase his value greatly and maybe make that high price tag worth it.


Ph: Gonzalo Etcheverry/DPGC 2017