Players Worth their Price Tag

July 7, 2017 | James Dodge

James Fewster

I wanted to write about him in my lead up to the Queen’s Cup but I wasn’t sure if he was just a sub or in their lineup for good. However, it looks like the 16 year old machine is here to stay and so he should. The best “patron” for your money is James Fewster averaging an impressive 17.45 points a game. This 1 goal kid is out scoring the likes of Gonzalo Pieres (10), Diego Cavanagh (8), Christian Laprida (8) and Facundo Sola (8) and all for the bargain price of $11k. If you don’t have him in your line up you should as he is currently ranked 10th, up there with the 8, 9 and 10 goalers. Top pick of the tournament so far!!


Nico Pieres

After having a rough season in Dubai in terms of Fantasy points, Nico seems to have returned to form in the UK. Even though they lost in their first game against La Indiana, Nico came out with 39.25 points. He earned 29 points in yesterday’s close call match against King Power Foxes with 6 goals (4 from the field and 2 from the penalty line). He shows consistency and is ranked number 2 on average points scored per match with 34.13, just behind Guillermo “Sapo” Caset. He is also ranked at 4th on the FP score ranking system with 68.25 points in just 2 games (compared to most of the other teams who have played 3). He is a great 8 goaler to have if you are like me and try to stay away from the 10 goalers during the group stages.