Power Partnerships – La Indiana Combo

May 17, 2017 | FP Strategist

Another great pair of players that we look forward to seeing play together again this season will be the La Indiana power duo that competed so well together last year. Nic Roldan and Agustin Merlos made a formidable pair playing in last year’s Queen’s Cup and Gold Cup and even though it was their first year as partners, but it seemed a match made in heaven.

Nic Roldan scored a huge 125.75 points in last year’s Queen’s Cup making him third on the FP ranking. And while Agustin Merlos’ 84.25 had him only in 13th place it was their combined forces that led to their impressive scores. Clever passing between the two hugely increased each players point scoring potential. Nic Roldan scored 21 field goals throughout the Queen’s Cup (highest scorer of the tournament) over 6 matches and many of these plays were created by Agustin Merlos and finished by the front runner Nic.

75 backhands between the pair of them bumped their scores up significantly and the clever thinking and passing between them made them hugely successful on the field as well as in the Fantasy rankings.

Once again occupying the 2 and 3 positions , where they interchange roles during the matches, they will certainly be a pair to watch again this year as we know they work together like a well oiled machine.


Ph: Gillian Hughes