Quarter Finals Match Reports

July 17, 2017 | Katie Vickery

La Indiana 12 vs 15 Sommelier

The first surprise of the weekend came in the form of a Sommelier win over La Indiana in the first quarter final. Last year’s finalists La Indiana were one man down, their top goal scorer Agustin Merlos out with an injury to be replaced by big brother Pite Merlos, a disadvantage that Sommelier pressed home to earn their place in the semi finals. Dominating straight from the off, Sommelier came out all guns blazing and La Indiana struggled to remain in the game. Sommelier won 21 of the 31 throw ins and their high possession led to 12 field goals (six from Juan Gris Zavaleta.) La Indiana was playing catch up throughout the match, but as a two goal lead turned in to a four goal lead after half time Sommelier were home dry and celebrated as the first of the four semi finalists.

Match Progression:

3-1            6-4            9-7            11-7         13-10       15-12


El Remanso 12 vs 9 Monterosso

 El Remanso had the Monterosso side beaten from early on in the game, taking their place in the semi finals opposite Sommelier, a match which will feature the Hanbury brothers on opposing sides. Strong defense from the El Remanso line up gave Monterosso little opportunity at the goal and those opportunities they did have they were unable to convert, scoring only 6 out of 13 shots on goal. The solid teamwork of the El Remanso also allowed them to freely attack the Monterosso goal, with quick runs resulting in goals Ollie Cudmore leading the scoring from the field with four. A good last chukka from Monterosso saw them come back from a six goal deficit, but it was not enough and they remained three goals down at 12-9 as the final whistle blew.

Match Progression:

3-1            6-3            8-4            10-5         12-6         12-9


RH 10 vs 12 Habtoor

In the second shock upset of the quarters, tournament favourites RH succumbed to the Habtoor side, losing out on a place in the semi finals going down 12-10. With Adolfo Cambiaso sidelined by injury, Hilario Ulloa stepped in to fill his 10 goaler space. Although he performed admirably, scoring 4 of the 10 RH goals, he was unable to lead the RH side to victory. Habtoor started strong, going 3-0 after the first chukka. They have performed better and better each match showing that although they are a new team, they are a force to be reckoned with. This is only their second win of the tournament, the previous victory having put them through to the quarter finals so they clearly know how to get the win when it counts. Just two penalties in throughout the match meant plenty of exciting field goals, with Francisco Elizalde leading the scoring with six goals from the field.

Match Progression:

3-0            4-3            6-5            8-7            11-7         12-10


King Power Foxes 10 vs 6 Talandracas

 King Power Foxes’ win over Talandracas means another brother vs brother semi final as the first match next Wednesday 19th July will see Nico Pieres and his Habtoor side face the reigning champions and his two elder brothers. The Talandracas vs King Power match was hard fought and the score remained low as both teams tried their best to contain the scoring power of the other, marking closely and not allowing space for runs to goal. With just one of the 16 goals coming from the penalty line (a safety 60 in from Facundo Pieres), the match was all about on field performance and in the second half King Power Foxes had figured out how to capitalize on the Talandracas style of play, mixing up their tactics and sending Facundo and Gonzalo forward to score and overcome the Talandracas defenses. This they did effectively in the fourth chukka scoring four goals to take the lead. They maintained this style of play and lead until the end of the match.

Match Progression:

1-3            3-3            4-5            4-5            8-5            10-6


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