Quarter Finals Perfect Line Up

July 17, 2017 | Katie Vickery
 Ranking Player Value Points
1 Juan Gris Zavaleta $27,000 35.25
2 Luke Tomlinson $27,000 33
4 Santiago Toccalino $28,000 30
13 James Fewster $11,000 19.5
TOTAL $93,000 117.75


There were some big points scored in the quarter finals and for those of you with the right line up it was a lucrative Fantasy weekend. You could have earned 117.75 points for just $93k proving that you don’t need to spend all your budget to get a great line up.

The quarters were all about the middle handicapped and valued players and getting the right combination of players. 3 of the 4 were of the $27k-$28k price tag and the 6-8 handicap zone. These players are often overlooked in favour of line ups that boast 2 9/10 gaolers and patrons but this line up proves that the El Remanso style team format is often the most productive of points, especially when you can add in a 1 goaler as valuable as James Fewster who is having a storming tournament for King Power Foxes. He is the most valuable Fantasy player to have on your team by far, scoring a massive 7.27 per $1k of value (that’s almost double any other player).

Luke Tomlinson and Santiago Toccalino are now out of the tournament and you should love them and leave them to choose other players who will make you points in the semis on Wednesday.

Juan Gris Zavaleta pulled it out of the bag on Saturday in the match against La Indiana scoring the highest number of Fantasy points over the weekend. He has had an up and down tournament, but seems to be on the rise now. He will have tough opposition against l Remanso on Wednesday but has proved himself against a strong team already so anything could happen and he still could be worth your pick over the El Remanso 6 and 7 goalers.


Ph: Imagesofpolo