Quarters Match Ups – La Bamba de Areco vs Les Lions

June 9, 2018 | FP Strategist

The last of this tournament’s quarter finals will see Les Lions take on the punchy side La Bamba. Judging on past performances it looks like La Bamba will be the stronger side. Les Lions have won 2 of their 4 games but the first ws against Monterosso and the second was against a 50% effort Valiente side. La Bamba have only lost to La Indiana and are going strong with the Pelon, Nero duo bossing it on the field and in the Fantasy rankings.

From the Les Lions side only Joaquin Pittaluga is really worth your money. It is likely that they will be dominated by the boys in black and are therefore will probably¬†score low. From La Bamba, it’s all about Pelon and Nero who have been earning solidly throughout the tournament and in this match up where they will be stronger look to them both to make big points. As predicted, Byron Watson is working hard to block for his teammates, a job which limits his Fantasy scoring opportunities.

Players to Avoid:

Jean Francois-Decaux: Having dropped out from 2 games to be replaced by young Zac Beim, Decaux is not worth your money as he is unreliable.

Guillermo Terrera: Off $30k Terrera is not playing up to this price tag and is only scoring you 1.65 points per $1k. There are more useful places you can spend your money.


Ph: Helen Cruden Photography