Quarters Match Ups – RH vs Park Place

June 8, 2018 | FP Strategist

While Fantasy Polo may be all about individual players and their performances on the field, a huge amount of this depends on team performance. This is affected by the match ups and how they will look to play. If a stronger side comes up against a weaker side, you know to back the players in the stronger side as they will be more likely to make those point scoring offensive plays. Well matched teams can lead to close games which are often more foul ridden and depend more on penalties. These matches are less likely to provide you with point scoring opportunities.

So let’s take a look at the quarter finals match ups and see what matches you want to be picking your players from, starting with RH vs Park Place:

This will be an interesting match. Look for Britos and Beresford to be playing forward and running to goal while Ulloa works hard behind. He will have his work cut out to avoid Andrade and Sapo who will no doubt focus their defensive attentions on him so he may not be a great pick for this match. Therefore you want to be looking at the youngsters to be making you points. Sapo is always a strong pick but he may struggle in this match to shine. Min has proven himself as a solid player but trying to keep on top of the 2 Park Place young guns may prove too much of a challenge to leave much room for point scoring.

Players to Avoid:

Ben Soleimani: Having started the tournament with 2 yellow, Soleimani has struggled to get back from there and is not a great bet  for you even off $9k. He remains on minus points overall despite improving slightly with each game. Save those pennies for elsewhere.

Rodrigo Andrade: The lowest average score plus the lowest efficiency off value makes Andrade and expensive add and one worth avoiding, especially when he will be taking a back seat in the match against Park Place where Sapo will have to step up.


Ph: Helen Cruden Photography