Quarters Match Ups – Valiente vs Talandracas

June 8, 2018 | FP Strategist

Next up in our quarter finals match up reviews is the legendary Valiente side who will take on the surprise team of this tournament Talandracas. Talandracas made it through directly in to the quarters and therefore have played one match fewer than most of the other teams. Don’t be put off by their seemingly lower scores. It’s all about checking their averages.

The Talandracas boys seem to share the workload well between them and therefore are all reasonable picks. Ale Muzzio is currently leading the foursome and as the cheapest, this is where you should be putting your money. However, against such a powerhouse team, Talandracas may well be on the back foot and playing more defensively than they would like. If this is the case this will lower their point scoring efficiency. With the likelihood being that Valiente put all their efforts in to winning this, look to Christian Laprida for some heroic runs to goal with passes fed up to him by Cambiaso (unless the 10 goaler decides to take the glory himself). Rob Jornayvaz has had a mixed bag with an injury in the last match. If he is back on form he could come in to his own with the pressure mounting.

Players to Avoid:

Hugo Lewis: Although working hard on the field, Hugo Lewis has been underwhelming in the Fantasy stakes. At the same price as his fellow 4 goalers, he is earning fewer points and the last 2 matches have seen disappointing scores of 4.75 and 2.5.

Adolfo Cambiaso: I’ve never been a fan of Cambiaso as a Fantasy pick and he is once again proving me right. He has stepped out for a game which has hindered his score but he is also the least effective off his value out of these 2 line ups, scoring you only 1.31 points per $1k spent on him.


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