Queen’s Cup Ranking Boards

June 25, 2017 | James Dodge

As you wind up for the Gold Cup for the British Open, updating your team and making those last minute transfers (remember you have unlimited transfers until Tuesday) past performance is your best source of information and checking out how players did in the Queen’s Cup can be a really good indicator of what to expect when heading in to this latest competition where only one team has changed (Sifani is out for Habtoor). Take a look through the Fixtures for more detailed stats (for stats on the new team Habtoor head to the International League Fixtures list and there you will find how those players performed in Dubai this year where they played as a team).

Here is a quick rundown of our Fantasy performance ranking boards split in to 3 categories:

High Goal Pros (7-10)
1.     Agustin Merlos
2.     Hilario Ulloa
3.     Guillermo “Sapo” Caset
4.     Julian de Lussarreta (not playing)
5.     Facundo Pieres
Low Goal Pros (3-6)
1.     James Biem
2.     James Harper
3.     Alec White
4.     Matt Perry
5.     Tommy Beresford
1.     Corinne Richard
2.     Jean-François Decaux
3.     Michael Bickford
4.     Edouard Carmignac
5.     Ben Soleimani


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