Top Tip – Penalties

March 29, 2017 | Katie Vickery

Penalties are a gamechanger. They can mean the difference between a win or a loss, a final or a sub final and for you they can mean the difference between taking home that 1st place prize money and going home empty handed.

While penalty takers sometimes pass the stick it is usually the same player that faces the pressure and responsibility of taking those all important penalties so keep an eye out for those cool headed penalty takers and get them in your team. They may be more expensive than their non-penalty scoring counterparts, but they are worth every dollar when slotting the ball between those posts over and over again each match!

A quick reminder:

Spot Penalty in (between the 30 yards and the back line) = 1pt

Spot Penalty out (between the 30 yards and the back line) = -6pts

30 Yard Penalty in = 2pts

30 Yard Penalty out = -5pts

40 Yard Penalty in = 3pts

40 Yard Penalty out = -4pts

60 Yard Penalty in = 4pts

60 Yard Penalty out = -1pts

Safety 60 in = 5pts

Safety 60 out = -0.5pts