Rankings – Medium Goal Pros

June 1, 2018 | James Dodge

Medium Goal Pros

  1. Charlie Hanbury is going off in his last year of high goal play. Averaging 25 points a game puts him in third place over all on a 4 goal handicap. He is the number 1 goal scorer in the tournament with 10 goals in two games he is a must add.
  2. Tommy Beresford has been playing surprising well in the number 4 position after playing a more offensive number 2 the entire US Season. He has a solid 22 backshots and has scored a few goals as well.
  3. A lot of the 4-6 goalers are of equal value in my book Alec White, Min Podesta, James Beim, but Malcom Borwick stands out to me as a player that could really jump a head of this pack. The main reason being he is taking penalty shots and doing very well. He is shooting 83% and if he can improve his play on the field just a little bit he will push into my top two.


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