Rankings – High Goal Pros

May 31, 2018 | James Dodge

High Goal Pros

  1. Ignacio Toccalino has been on fire averaging 31 points per game and this average would be even higher if he could control his tendency to foul. He has 8 goals from the field which is third in the tournament behind Charlie Hanbury and Agustin Merlos. He is also 3rd in the backshots with 24 over 2 games. This combination of offensive and defensive power is what makes him valuable for you.
  2. Facundo Pieres had one bad game and one amazing game. Moving forward I would expect him to get back on top. One stat that gives me a lot of hope for Facundo is shots on goal he is number 1 with 10 shots on goal in 2 games. If he can turn some of those shots on goal into actual goals he could easily have some 40 point games.
  3. Juan Britos has been an absolute stud so far in this tournament. With teams focused on Ulloa and Beresford playing back, Britos has the freedom to run forward and use his speed and accuracy to carry Park Place forward. The stat that helps give Britos his value is that he is 75% from the penalty line. Look for him to keep a high average for his handicap.


Ph: Gillian Hughes Photography