Round 1 Recap

October 12, 2018 | James Dodge

It was a wild start to the Hurlingham Open! Every team has played except Ellerstina and La Dolfina and the “lower” goal players have shone! The first 10 goaler isn’t listed until 5th in the top scoring. The best team you could have picked without using transfers would have only cost you 67k of your 100k budget and earned you 144 points which would put you in second place overall on the leaderboards. Going forward here are some players that should be in your lineup!

Jared Zenni – Is currently the cheapest player in the Fantasy Polo and I wrote about him in the New Faces article before the tournament started saying “he adds a lot of value in that he is a very cheap player that will get you some points, but also can allow you add a lot more value in your other three players because he takes up so little of your budget” and he has done just that! He is currently in 4th place overall and even if he doesn’t keep up his 31.5 point per game, it clearly shows that he is the real deal and will get you some points and allow you to really invest in the other positions in your line up!

Sapo Caset – We all know he is an amazing polo player and he has proven time and time again that he can be player you can build your lineup around. In his first game he is tied for first in goals scored from the field and is in third overall in shots on goal. The offensive power is there and if he can improve on his penalty shots he can easily be number 1 overall.

Diego Cavanagh – Is the perfect player to put in the middle of your team and you can afford him at only 19k. He is 4/5 from the penalty line and has scored three goals from the field in his first game. He might have a low scoring game against Ellerstina but after that he should be a top 10 play for the rest of the tournament!

Ph: Katerina Morgan