Round 3 Perfect Line Up

August 17, 2017 | Katie Vickery
Player Value Points
1 Juan Martín Obregon $22,000 24.75
2 Pablo Spinacci $25,000 23
3 Agustin Nero $25,000  19
4 Rob Jornayvaz $9,000 16.5
TOTAL $81,000 83.25


This round’s perfect line up is further proof that you don’t need to pick the most expensive players to make the most amount of points. Coming in at just $81k this team would have earned you a solid 83.25 points. Although this doesn’t seem like much, with 2 very low scoring matches, it is the best combination out there with no 50+ point scorers in this tournament.

Juan Martin Obregon remains your best scorer, not only in terms of high scores but also off his value. He is very cheap at just $22k and is now a whopping 10 points ahead and scoring 7 out of his team’s 10 goals it is easy to see how he is racking up these points so quickly. His team might have lost out on a place in the final but a subsidiary match makes him a good player to keep him in your line up.

Rob Jornayvaz had a stellar game with Colorado, playing an integral role in his team’s journey to the final on Saturday. He missed some scoring opportunities, scoring 3 out his 7 attempts at goal but still managed a respectable 16.5 points, impressive off his handicap and low value.

With Cambiaso taking a slightly back seat in the game against Kentucky it was Agustin Nero’s time to shine earning 19 points through his backhands and penalty scoring. This is not something I will be expecting to see in the final where Cambiaso will be taking the driver’s seat once again in a tougher match up against Colorado.

Pablo Spinacci has been getting better and better throughout the tournament and Colorado are going to need him on top form on Saturday if they are to defeat the legendary Valiente side. Spinacci is a good pick if you are looking for a steady player as I think Cavanagh will be taken care of by the tenacious Kian Hall, leaving Spinacci to score the goals and score you the points.


Ph: Polo Channel