Saints vs Sinners

September 12, 2017 | FP Strategist

With all the best players in the world collected in one place and competing against each other what makes the difference between a Fantasy champion and a Fantasy dud. We all know they are all capable of those impressive goals, runs and impeccable penalty scores, but when the heat is on, who has a cool head and keeps themselves out of trouble. Those fouls can make the difference between huge scores and an unimpressive point average. While some players such as Facundo Pieres and Hilario Ulloa make enough points to forgive them their faults, others are not making as many points as they are losing and it is best to keep in mind those clean players against those with a tendency to foul.

Here we look at last year’s Triple Crown Saints and Sinners:


Adolfo Cambiaso: 12 (12 games – 1/game)

Alfredo Capella Barabucci: 14 (8 games – 1.75/game)

Ignacio & Santiago Toccallino: 15 (8 games each – 1.9/game)

Juan Martin Nero: 16 (12 games – 1.3/game)



Hilario Ulloa: 37 (10 games – 3.7/game)

Facundo Pieres: 37 (12 games – 3.1/game)

Alejandro Novillo Astrada: 36 (9 games – 4/game)

Christina Laprida: 34 (13 games – 2.6/game)

Nicolas Pieres: 34 (12 games – 2.8/game)

Polito Pieres: 32 (12 games – 2.7/game)


Ph: Katerina Morgan