Semi Final Perfect Line Up

July 22, 2017 | Katie Vickery
 Ranking Player Value Points
1 Ollie Cudmore $23,000 29.75
1 James Harper $25,000 29.75
2 Juan Gris Zavaleta $27,000 26
5 Charlie Hanbury $20,000 21.25


The perfect line up from the semi finals is unsurprisingly made up predominantly from El Remanso players after their easy, high scoring win over Sommelier. It is interesting to  note that none of the King Power Foxes players feature in the line up not having scored highly in their tougher match against Habtoor. While both Gonzalo and Facundo Pieres scored higher than Charlie Hanbury they are much more expensive and so Charlie’s value for money is a lot higher.

5 field goals had Ollie Cudmore as the high scorer of the match and earned him a huge 20 points on goals alone. He is a strong pick for those looking to save a little bit of money as he is performing as well on the Fantasy stakes as his slightly higher ranked and higher valued teammates.

James Harper has had a great tournament with his 29.75 score against Sommelier a tournament high. Charlie Hanbury remains a very valuable player off his 4goal handicap, earning points up there with the 8 and 9 gaolers. The frontman of the El Remanso side, he has plenty of goal scoring opportunities which he converts in to Fantasy points.