Semi Final Top Tips

February 20, 2018 | FP Strategist

From 52 players down to just 16! As we head in to the semi finals tomorrow it is even more important to get that line up spot on. This is the penultimate hurdle and points lost and gained here can mean the difference between taking home the $500 and going empty handed.

At this stage of the tournament it is all about saving transfers and checking out the match ups and here things get interesting.

These semi finals have fitted the two strongest and some might say favourites against each other which will make for two very evenly matched games. It will be hard to choose players for longevity as with both matches it is hard to predict the outcome and you could end up having to make more transfers than you would like.

With Vaiente and Tonkawa playing off first, pick those big players who have been consistent throughout, Guillermo “Sapo” Caset is a solid pick regardless of the opposition. Between Colorado and GSA, Diego Cavanagh would be the safest bet to put your money on and Henry Porter remains a top bargain.