Semi Finals Day 1

September 30, 2018 | James Dodge

With rain postponing the semi finals matches you have more time to pick your players. Here we let you know who we think you should be adding in and leaving out from the first day of semis La Aguada vs Alegria – La Irenita (sub semi final) and La Dolfina vs La Dolfina Polo Ranch (semi final).


Adolfo Cambiaso – La Dolfina – While he was the lowest scoring player on La Dolfina in the first match up with 25.5 points, he also is happy to let his teammates play and sit back when he is not needed. Now that the competition is heating I would expect him to be more of a focal point for the team. He is also tied for second in shots on goal and is perfect from the penalty line.


Alejandro Novillo Astrada – La Aguada – I would keep him out of your line up. He was the only player not to score a goal from the field in their first game, he led the team in fouls, and was an abysmal 38% from the penalty line. If you are looking for a cheap player to finish your line up look somewhere else!


Ph: Katerina Morgan