Semi Finals Day 2

September 30, 2018 | James Dodge

Day 2 of the semi finals will see Ellerstina vs Las Monjitas (semi final) and Cria Yatay vs La Albertina Abu Dhabi (subsidiary semi final).

Valerio Zubiaurre – Cria Yatay – If you are looking for a cheaper player to pick up this is your guy. He led the team in goals from the field and is only 12k. Look for him to continue his offensive power in their match against La Albertina Abu Dhabi

Julian de Lusarreta – Las Monjitas – I would avoid him if you can. While he is a cheap player on a good team he has been known to foul a lot and lose his cool when the pressure is on. He has received countless yellow cards in the US this past year and led the team in fouls. I expect this to be a close game and his fellow teammate Hilario Ulloa has been know to lose his cool as well and foul quite a bit (watch the 2018 UK Queen’s Cup Final). I would be careful adding any player from Las Monjitas that isn’t Sapo Caset.

Bonus: Gonzalo Pieres – Ellerstina – Not only because he is leading the team in fantasy points but also because of the reasons I listed for Julian de Lusarreta. Gonzalo Pieres is the main penalty shot taker for Ellerstina and if they can rattle Las Monjitas an already foul happy team, look for Gonzalo to be on the line a lot. Shooting 3/3 in his first game this could be a big game for him.


Ph: Katerina Morgan