Semi Finals Perfect Line Up

June 16, 2017 | Katie Vickery
Ranking Player Value Points
1 Agustín Merlos $34,000 47.00
2 Facundo Pieres $40,000 43.00
6 James Fewster $11,000 23.00
21 Edouard Carmignac $6,000 10.50


This line up would have earned you a huge 123.5 points and cheap at the price of just $91k proving that you don’t always need to spend all that money!

The semi finals and subsidiary semi finals perfect line up once again proves that those subsidiary games are all important for the Fantasy stakes, in fact only Agustin Merlos made it in to the line up this week from the full semis after an incredible on field performance against Murus Sanctus saw him 100% from the penalty line with 6 in out of 6 and 5 field goals.

As ever Facundo Pieres showed why he is the king of Fantasy with a solid 43 point performance, having slowly decreased in point scoring over the tournament he seems to be back on form and would be a solid pick for Sunday’s subsidiary final against Sommelier.

James Fewster, the last minute replacement for King Power Foxes, had an awesome game with 7 backhands, 3 field goals and not a single foul seeing him beat most of the competition to be rated 6th in the semis section. He is certainly a Fantasy pick for the future and from all the 1 goalers they have tried and tested throughout this tournament (in preparation for the Gold Cup??) I think it has been young “Jimbo” who has shone the brightest and this may well earn him a fixed spot in the next tournament.

Edouard Carmignac has proven to be one of the strongest patron picks throughout this tournament and with a tournament high of 10.5 off just $6k he is one of the most valuable players out there, earning you 5.83 points per $1k of value.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo