Semi Finals Take Aways

June 16, 2017 | James Dodge

Murus Sanctus 11 vs 14 La Indiana 

Murus Sanctus had an early lead, but eventually La Indiana took control and held on. Murus Sanctus was led by Hilario Ulloa who had 3 goals including 1 from outside the 60, he also scored 7 more goals from the penalty line. He was a great player and the number 1 scorer in Fantasy, but he and the rest of the Murus Sanctus line up are now knocked out of the tournament. La Indiana was led by the incredible Agustin Merlos who had 5 goals from the field and another 6 from the penalty line ending with 47 points making him someone to consider building around going into the finals! Another La Indiana player to think about putting in your lineup is Nic Roldan who had 2 goals from the field plus one from outside the 60, unfortunately he got a yellow card or his score would have been much higher.

El Remanso 12 vs 14 RH Polo 

What a game! El Remanso took an early lead and held on until the 3rd chukka when RH came to life and went into half time up 8-4. At the beginning of the 4th chukkeaEl Remanso went on a scoring spree putting 4 goals between the posts in 3 minutes. Unfortunately they couldn’t hold on and RH won. El Remanso wasled by James Beim and Ollie Cudmore who scored 4 goals apiece, playing incredibly well, but they will not be in the subsidiary tournament and are knocked out. RH put on a show with Cambiaso returning to form, scoring 6 goals from the field including one from beyond the 60. He also shot 100% from the penalty line which is something he has yet to do this tournament. When the pressure is on Cambiaso is the best closer in the game. I would consider starting him in the finals!

Sommelier 8 vs 7 Talandracas 

Sommelier won because they figured out how to shut down Guillermo “Sapo” Caset the offensive power house of Talandracas. The last time these two teams played Caset scored 6 goals from the field, containing him must have been a big part of their game plan and it paid off. Caset ended with 19 fantasy points and was the team’s high scorer. Talandracas is now out of the tournament. Sommelier led by Freddy Mannix who scored a team high 21 points. Alec White continued to play well for his price point and is someone I would consider grabbing for the finals! Neither patron played that well and George Hanbury at 3 goals is probably someone you should stay away from. I think you can find better value in your line up elsewhere.

King Power 14 vs 10 Monterosso 

Facundo Pieres, who scored 4 goals from the field including 2 from beyond the 60 and ended the game with a big 43 point performance, led the charge for King Power Foxes. Gonzalo Pieres scored 18 which is about average from what we have seen from him. The newest 1 goaler James Fewster has been on fire scoring 5 goals in two games, I think he has earned a spot on the team for the rest of the season and is someone I would recommend adding going into the finals! Monterosso did not play well and saw 5 goaler Matt Perry end with 15 point as the team’s high scorer. Monterosso is now knocked out the tournament. Look for King Power to take on Sommelier in the subsidiary final.


Ph: Cymon Skinner – People of Polo