Start in Style

September 26, 2018 | James Dodge

Players to have in your line up to start the Argentine Season


Yes the entire team was in the top 15 of last years Hurlingham Open. While Polito, Facundo, and Nico were all in the top 5, Gonzalito was 13. Pick any one of these players to build your team around. One of the best parts of the season in Argentina is you can really build your dream since there are no patrons.

Adolfo Cambiaso

I rarely talk about him in a positive light when it comes to Fantasy, but backed up by a team of 10 goalers he can return to his favorite position and play the offensive style that originally got him to 10 goals. He was ranked 5th overall in the Hurlingham Open last year while playing one game less than the Pieres. He was also the highest scoring player on his team. It is also a certainty he will make to the semi-finals or finals so it is worth to add him to your team to save some transfers.

Los Monjitas

Again you should have a player on this team in your line up. While it looks like a new team with a new line up these guys have played together the last couple of years for Alegria. They were all in the top 15 of last year’s Hurlingham Open with Sapo (#1), Hillario (#6), Freddy Mannix (#9) and Facundo Sola (#15). They have only made one change to the lineup swapping out Freddy Mannix for Julian de Lussareta which I personally think is an upgrade. This is an exciting team and they should look to rival Ellerstina and La Dolfina. Last year in Alegria made it to the finals of the Hurlingham Open beating La Dolfina to get there.