Stay on Top

October 9, 2017 | FP Strategist

So you’ve made it over the first hurdle, you’ve got your team in and they’ve played and made you your first points, but here is where the tactics come in. It is key to keep on top of what is going on in the tournament to make sure that your team is as up to date as possible and that with each day of matches you have people making you points and earning for you. The Fixtures page should be your best friend as you check who is playing each day, who is playing who and when so that you can use those transfers to best effect.

With 10 teams in this year’s Hurlingham Open, every match day is filled with point scoring opportunities and timing is key…

4 matches a day means that you have 32 players to choose from each day to make up your daily team.

Tomorrow, fresh from their Tortugas win La Dolfina will take on the newbies La Albertina Abu Dhabi while Ellerstina face the second line up of their rivals La Dolfina Polo Ranch. Both matches are at 11am before La Irenita face Alegría at 2pm and La Aguada Las Monitas take on Cría Yatay at 4pm.

Who have you got playing for you?


Ph: Katerina Morgan