Subsidiary Final Builds

August 18, 2017 | James Dodge

Let’s look at the best builds going into the subsidiary final taking place today at 3pm (Denver time). From Kentucky I think the only player you want is Matias Torres Zavaleta, while I would say put the whole Hawaii Polo Life team in your line up. I think Zavaleta is worth consideration mostly because Kentucky will score some goals and Zavaleta will probably be the one to do it. One stat that lends itself to Zavaleta are his shots on goal, he leads the tournament with 10 that means he is getting plenty of chances to score on goal he just isn’t converting them. Hopefully he can find his stride in this more relaxed subsidiary final.

For the rest of your lineup I would consider adding Hawaii Polo Life (HPL) players, Juan Martin Obregon, Tommy Collingwood and Mariano Gracida. While the entire HPL lineup would average more points I think having at least one player from both sides is important. Juan Martin Obregon is a no brainer, he is number 1 overall in scoring and should already be in your line up. He is tied for 1st in scoring from the field and the penalty line. Tommy Collingwood is a young American who is the defensive front for HPL, leading the tournament with 30 backhands. Finally rounding out this build is Mariano Gracida who has been the offensive spark of this team. When he is scoring goals they are unstoppable. Any time Gracida has scored more than 1 goal HPL has won the game, look for them to try and open up space for him all game! Hopefully this build will serve you well and help you move up a few spots. With the late addition of this game, some have already transferred for the final and will cross their fingers this is a low scoring game!


Ph: Polo Channel