June 5, 2018 | FP Strategist

So every new season brings with it some out and out surprises, players we didn’t expect to rock the Fantasy rankings but are doing just that or players who we’ve come to rely on who are letting us down. Here are our top 4 Fantasy Surprises who have come out of the woodwork so far this UK season:

Spencer McCarthy: with a huge 5 field goals scored in his last game against XXX Spencer shot to the top of our favourite patrons list and finds himself above Fantasy faves such as Hilario Ulloa and Nic Roldan. He is the most cost effective player you can get with an average score of 6 points per $1k of value. That’s almost double the next most effective.

Juan Britos: we all knew he was one to watch but Juan Britos has superseded all expectations seen regulars at the top of the player rankings he has the highest average score of 27.25 points across 3 games. Impressive for a 7 goaler and enough to make him a surprise Top Pick.

Malcolm Borwick: with a penalty accuracy of 80%, Malcolm Borwick has proven himself to be a great 6 goal pick and cheap at the price of $21k. If he can continue this trend he could be a great point scorer for you in the early rounds of each tournament.

Hilario Ulloa: not only is it surprising to see Ulloa so far down the player list, it is also insane that he has scored exactly the same in every one of his 3 games. He seems cursed to be stuck on a mediocre 14.25 points, not what we’ve come to expect from one of our faves.


Ph: Gillian Hughes Photography