Team Intros – Emlor

May 11, 2018 | James Dodge

Emlor is a new team with some old faces.

Diego Cavanagh was the best player on a bad team in 2017. He averaged almost 20 points all season long but he didn’t play many games never making it past the group stage of a tournament. Look for him to bounce back.

Agustin Merlos was a beast last season before getting hurt in the Gold Cup. He was the top scorer in the Queen’s Cup even though he played two games fewer than Facundo Pieres, averaging 34 points a game. A definite Top Pick heading in top this year’s Fantasy competition.

Nacho Gonzalez is a new face but has a great supporting case so look for him to hopefully get open down field with the focus being on Cavanagh and Merlos.

Spencer McCarthy is a new face as well, he might be a good option is you are looking for a cheap patron.


Ph: Images of Polo