Team Intros – La Bamba De Areco

May 14, 2018 | James Dodge

La Bamba de Areco were not strong last year, and their new line up doesn’t evoke much excitement.

David Stirling averaged a pedestrian 19 points per game in both the Queen’s Cup and Gold Cup, not what you would like to be scoring with a high goaler worth $35,000. I would look somewhere else for a high goaler to lead your team.

Juan Martin Nero flashed his 10 goal talent a few times during the most recent US season. He could look to build off that with this new team, but I would wait and see before you add him to your lineup.

Jean-Francois Decaux is a decent patron at a cheap price. I would be wary of him though as he has been known to sub out last minute for younger up and coming players, like he did for Ned Hine last season after only play 2 games in the Gold Cup.

Byron Watson is a new face who could play well with a high goal supporting cast or he could just be a blocker to help Nero and Stirling pass the ball back and forth, in which case he will be valuable on the field but not in your Fantasy line up. We will have to wait and see.


Ph: Gillian Hughes