Team Intros – Les Lions

May 21, 2018 | James Dodge

Les Lions a new team this year with a solid three man line up. This could turn out to be a strong team look at Flexjet from this past US season they had a similar build and were very successful.

Guillermo Terrera played last year in the UK and we weren’t too impressed. He played 7 games last season and he only averaged 11 points per game, not a strong showing from a 8 goaler with a price tag of $30k. As you are not short of 8 goalers to pick from around that price range you may be better to use your money elsewhere.

Joaquin Pittaluga has proven many times that he is a Top Pick, even in the Opens in Argentina where he plays above his handicap and price tag. As a medium priced 7 goaler he is a great bet as he works hard and earns big points with 60 yard goals although he can be prone to fouls.

Jaimie Garcia Huidobro is a new face to Fantasy and is priced to match his time out of the high goal. We wait to see how he performs in the Queen’s Cup.

Max Gottschalk is another unknown quantity and his low price tag reflects this. At just $6k he could be an absolute steal or our predictions could be on the money, we will have to wait and see. Either way he could be a great strategic pick to help you save budget for the pricier players.


Ph: Images of Polo