Team Intros – Monterosso

May 18, 2018 | James Dodge

Monterosso is a familiar team who did well last year, but should look to push for a final appearance this year with a new 6 goaler.

Santiago Toccalino averaged over 20 points a game in both tournaments last season and he takes the penalty shots. All of this sounds good, but I would be careful because he isn’t the best penalty shot taker and that could hurt his score. In the Queen’s Cup he made 4 of 7 and in the Gold Cup he only made 3-11.

Ignacio Toccalino has been underwhelming so far in Fantasy only averaging 17 and 14 points a game for last year’s Queen’s and Gold Cup. He’s a good player, but his style doesn’t cater well to Fantasy. I would stay away.

Juan Martin Zubia is very young, only 19 and a 6 goaler. While he is new to Fantasy Polo I have seen him play before. I would look for him to be running to goal a lot. He has a very aggressive play style and could be a good add, but also has the risk of fouling quite a bit.

Alessandro Bazzoni averaged 6 points a game last season I would probably stay away at $8k. I think with the patron position you are betting on upside and potential to score points. While he has done well for a 0 goal player I think there are more exciting patrons out there at a cheaper price.


Ph: Cymon Skinner