Team Intros – Park Place

May 16, 2018 | James Dodge

Park Place is a new team with what looks to be a strong line up of who haven’t played together before.

Hilario Ulloa is always good. He averaged over 30 points a game in the 2017 Queen’s Cup and 20 in the Gold Cup. I just worry about how much he fouls which is the difference between him and Facundo. I would consider starting him if you want to save money on a 10 goaler as he is reasonably priced at $39k.

Juan Britos just came off a great US season after which he was raised from 7 to 8 goals. He is a strong offensive player so look for him to be getting passes from Ulloa and making goals and points.

Tommy Beresford burst on the scene in the US as part of the Valiente line up. After the US season ended he was raised from 4 to 6 goals! I would look to add him in any line up since he is still rated 5 in the UK and therefore a bargain on $23k.

Andrey Borodin is a new face to Fantasy Polo, but he is on a strong team so look for him to score some points even though he is 0 goals.


Ph: Images of Polo