Team Intros – RH

May 17, 2018 | James Dodge

RH is an old team with a two new members line up.

Guillermo “Sapo” Caset averaged close to 20 points a game in both tournaments last year and probably could have done more if he was on a better team and this could be his chance.

Min Podesta played fine last season at 5 goals he averaged 10 points for the Queen’s Cup and 15 for the Gold Cup. He is a player that could be good, but I think you can find better value in Alec White or Tommy Beresford at this price tag and handicap.

Rodrigo Andrade wasn’t worth his price tag this past US season. He just kind of faded away behind Nico and Gonzalito Pieres  on Flex Jet. I would hold off on him until you see him play a couple games to see if this line up will feature him more. He did average almost 20 points a game in the Gold Cup last year making him worth keeping an eye on.

Ben Soleimani is a very solid patron who averaged 6 points a game throughout both tournaments last season. I would look to add him if you want someone who won’t flash any high scoring games, but also won’t give you a 0 point game which is a concern with some patrons.


Ph: Cruden Photography