Team Intros – Valiente

May 20, 2018 | James Dodge

Valiente is a strong team and are all Fantasy stalwarts. With number 1 in the world Adolfo Cambiaso in the line up, all eyes will be on this power team to speed their way through the zone stages to the Finals.

Adolfo Cambiaso not much to say here; obviously he is a great player, but typically isn’t worth his price tag.

Christian Laprida had a pretty good US season, I would be interested in adding him especially because Cambiaso hasn’t been taking penalty shots for a while. This is a rare value for an 7 goaler. With a bevvy of 7 goalers to choose from, he is second most expensive after Nic Roldan.

Hugo Lewis could be a steal this season. Every time a young low goal pro ends up on a team with Cambiaso they explode. Look at Tommy Beresford and Bautista Panelo from this past US season. At $20k he is on a level with all other 4 goalers but his potential for overall success could be what tips him above the others as a pick.

Rob Jornayvaz is a good player and as is customary with young patrons he is a solid fourth member of the team, making waves on the field as well as earning solid points. He is coming off a good season in the US and should be a good pick for you if you have the extra cash to spare on a patron.


Ph: Wellington Elite