Team Review – Colorado

August 10, 2017 | James Dodge

Colorado led by soon to be 9 goaler Diego Cavanagh (written about in my High Goal Pros article) will look for him to lead the team from the back but still score quite a few goals from the field.  Also on the team is Pablo Spinacci who has been somewhat less than impressive. Hopefully now that he has had a tournament to build some team chemistry he will be a much better Fantasy pick. Roberto Zedda is a 4 goaler we haven’t seen before and is a wild card, I wrote about him in the Medium Goal Pros article leading up to the Colorado Open. Finally Patron Rob Jornayvaz son of Bob Jornayvaz long time Valiente patron, who is covered in the Low Goal Pro article, rounds out the line up. This team is also only 19 goals so having one goal on handicap every game can do a lot for a team’s early confidence, we saw it help El Remanso out a lot during the UK Season.

Players to consider for your lineup: Diego Cavanagh, Rob Jornayvaz

Wild Card: Roberto Zedda


Ph: Polo Channel