Team Review – Hawaii Polo Life

August 10, 2017 | James Dodge

Hawaii Polo Life is an all pro team consisting of a 6 goaler two 5 goalers and a 4 goaler. By the looks of it so far the 5 goalers are running the show. Duo Juan Martin Obregon and teammate Tommy Collingwood have done much of the work so far. Obregon is taking penalty shots but Collingwood has been out scoring him just by 1 point a game on average. Mariano Gracida is the 4 goaler on the team and has shown flashes here and there but has yet to be a consistent high scorer. He is the wild card for this team going forward. Finally Nacho Badiola is the 6 goaler and surprisingly hasn’t shown up much on the stat sheet. It will be interesting to see them play and see how they are using Badiola but for now I would stay away.

Players to consider for your lineup: Juan Martin Obregon, Tommy Collingwood

Wild Card: Mariano Gracida


Ph: Polo Channel