Team Review – Kentucky

August 10, 2017 | James Dodge

The Columbine Cup is over and Kentucky took home the trophy. This was a great chance for all four teams to play together and feel each other out before the big tournament. We go through each team to see what the stats have to say so far!

Kentucky has a full 20 goal build with Guillermo Terrera leading from the number 4 positon at 8 goals. He has played through out the year, but has yet to dominate in the way other 8 goalers such as Diego Cavanagh and Nic Roldan have. He will most likely be taking the penalty shots so he does have some value, but with only a $1,000 price difference I think Diego Cavanagh is a better pick up. Also on the team is US Open MVP Matias Torres Zavaleta. The 6 goaler is a great all-around player and someone you will want to take a look at when you are setting your line up. Also on team Kentucky is 5 goaler Juan Monteverde who we haven’t seen yet, but could be a strong offensive weapon and is covered in the Medium Goal Pros article. Patron William Beck has played well but swapped out for his brother Andrew Beck for a game, so playing either of them is risky, but they will pull the team forward and look to build off of their Columbine Cup win.

Players to consider for your lineup: Matias Torres Zavaleta

Wild Cards: Beck Brothers, Juan Monteverde


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