Team Review – Valiente

August 10, 2017 | James Dodge

Valiente led by the long time duo of Adolfo Cambiaso and Bob Jornayvaz, made it to the final of the Columbine Cup and looks to be the favorite going into the Colorado Open, despite Kentucky winning in the final of the Columbine Cup. Cambiaso as discussed in my High Goal Pro article is head and shoulders better than anyone else in this tournament. His teammate Agustin Nero will look to lead the team to success if somehow a team can slow Cambiaso down. He is a wild card, on the stat sheet, if Cambiaso has a slow game he is there picking up all the slack. Also on the team is young Kian Hall who is this tournament’s Tommy Beresford. A young athletic player who is benefitting from playing with the legend. I would have him in all line ups if possible at his 12k price tag. Bob Jornayvaz had a good tournament but at only 1k less than Kian Hall, is playing more around the price range of his son at 9k.

Players to consider in your lineup: Adolfo Cambiaso, Kian Hall

Wild Card: Agustin Nero


Ph: Polo Channel