Team Reviews – Ellerstina

September 11, 2017 | James Dodge

Ellerstina is the other major power house next to La Dolfina, with a roster of 3 10 goal Pieres brothers Gonzalo, Facundo, and Nico rounding out the lineup with 9 goaler cousin Polito this team comes in at 39 goals.

Facundo Pieres, who is now the most expensive player in Fantasy Polo, will look to capitalize on  being able to play in a more attacking role. He finished in 2nd last year in the Hurlingham Open despite getting a yellow card and having a highest number of fouls in the tournament. If he can keep his fouls down, he will look to be even more of a force. Facundo should prove to be worth his high price tag as he has done in every tournament around the world so far.

Gonzalo Pieres is one of the best players in the world, but his playstyle as a defensive master mind has not translated to Fantasy well. This could change with him scoring 13 goals, second most in a lineup of offensive power houses, in the Hurlingham Open last year. Look for him to possibly break his mould and help push the team forward now that he is playing with other 10 and 9 goalers. He finished 8th last year in the Hurlingham Open.

After being dropped to 9 Polito Pieres will look to put on a strong performance to rejoin his family of 10 goalers. By looking at the stats he only scored 63 points which put him well into the bottom half of players last year. It appears Polito spent most of his time setting up plays and clearing space for his other teammates which is a very important role it just doesn’t translate into many Fantasy points. I would stay away until he can prove to be a consistent high point scorer for you. If he plays as we know he can, on his new cheaper price tag he will be a steal.

Nico Pieres finished the tournament 2nd in backhands with 59 and looks to play back for Ellerstina. While he is rated 9 goals in the UK and 8 in the US, he is rated 10 in Argentina and his play has backed that up finishing in the top 10 players for Fantasy in last year’s Hurlingham Open. Use him in your line up if you are looking for a to save some money on an above average player, especially since he will most likely be in the finals.


Ph: Katerina Morgan