Team Reviews – La Dolfina

September 7, 2017 | James Dodge

Adolfo Cambiaso, David Stirling, Pablo Mac Donough, Juan Martin Nero

WOW the only 40 goal team competing this year. This team is stacked. The best part about the 40 goal line up is we get to see Adolfo Cambiaso playing the number 1 position which is what got him to 10 goals in the first place. His ability to take the ball to goal and create offense is unparalleled. In 2016 he led the Tortugas Open with 14 goals from the field, the next closest was Facundo Pieres with 10. It will be interesting to see what Cambiaso does with penalty shots, he hasn’t taken them all year consistently. Even in the Colorado Open he was the only 10 goaler and he let Agustin Nero take most them. Keep an eye out for who is taking the penalty shots in this line up. Having always been the most expensive Fantasy player this year his value has dropped very slightly and Facundo Pieres takes his place at the top the value ladder having proved himself the better Fantasy pick.

David Stirling will hope to bounce back after a somewhat disappointing UK season. Last year he was the low scorer of this team for fantasy in the Tortugas Open, I would stay away from him until he can prove to a reliable pick up. His overall performance however did put him in the number 3 position for the Triple Crown and resulted in a huge value increase.

Pablo MacDonough we haven’t seen for some time, but he was second in both backhands and goals last year. Unfortunately, he was also first in fouls, putting him only 5 points above David Stirling for the Tortugas Open. MacDonough’s stats make him out to be the x factor of this lineup and if you are looking for a high risk high reward player at 10 goals he could be your man.

Juan Martin Nero will play back and is known for his strong defense he was 3rd in the whole of the Tortugas Open in backhands with 47, but also had 9 goals. Look for him to be a solid contributor, if you are looking for someone who doesn’t have the price tag of Cambiaso, but still has a solid average. With a drop in value after last year’s performance he may well be one to watch as he is the cheapest of the La Dolfina players and yet a solid point maker.

Players to consider: Adolfo Cambiaso, Juan Martin Nero