October 17, 2018 | James Dodge

With only a week left and no quarter or semi final matches it is important to pay attention to how many games each team has left and use your transfers accordingly. For example La Dolfina and La Albertina Abu Dhabi are the only two teams with three games left to play. On the other hand I would might want avoid players on La Aguada because they only have two games left and one of them is against Ellerstina.

Teams to add players from:

La Dolfina – I know they are clearly probably the best team in the tournament, but they also still have three games to play! Two of which are against bottom tier teams so we should see that dominating score of 20 something to below 10 that we have become accustomed to. Even when they play Las Monjitas it should still be a high scoring game. Also this team is very likely to make it to the finals so save yourself some transfers and add any La Dolfina player you can afford!

Ellerstina – I feel bad putting these two teams in my players to add section but they really do have the most favorable matchups for the rest of the tournament! Ellerstina plays two lower tier teams in its final two games look for them to score in the upper teens and low twenties which means plenty of fantasy points to go around.


Teams to drop/avoid players from:

La Albertina Abu Dhabi – I know I just said that this team has three games to play still but if you look at their matchups I don’t think they will score many fantasy points. They play La Dolfina and Las Monjitas in two of their matchups. La Albertina will likely be crushed in both of those games which means even though they play three games they likely won’t score many goals.

La Ensenada – This team has already played ¾ of their games and in their last game they play Ellerstina. They lost 17-10 to La Dolfina Polo Ranch and I would expect a larger margin in their game against Ellerstina. Drop these players ASAP.

La Dolfina Polo Ranch – Only has one more game to play and its 10 days away. While it should be a good game for La Dolfina Polo Ranch, I don’t think it is worth it for you to hold on to any of their players that long for one game when you can swap out for a La Dolfina player who will player two games before La Dolfina Polo Ranch plays their last game.

Ph: Katerina Morgan