Third in a Row

July 24, 2017 | Katie Vickery

King Power 13 vs 8 El Remanso


An incredible final was played between last year’s champions and this year’s success story, El Remanso. The rain, which failed to dampen spectators’ moods before the match, held off for the six chukkas of exciting, fast and open polo. While it looked in the first chukka like El Remanso may have been in it to win it, dominating early and shutting down the two Pieres superstars to leave their guys out front to score, the boys in blue cottoned on early this tactic and were able to undermine it quickly, evening the score in the second chukka. James Fewster played the match of his life, earning himself Most Valuable Player and three field goals, up there with Gonzalo Pieres on the scoring stakes. Facundo Pieres led the scoring with five goals while everyone on the El Remano side contributed to the score with at least one goal each.

El Remanso were not lacking in possession, winning 17 of the 32 throw ins, but they seemed unable to capitalise on this with seven of their 12 shots on goal missing their mark. El Remanso may have fouled more, but King Power Fixes gave away five goal shot penalties, of which three James Harper converted, while El Remanso gave away only two. This was lucky for them as the Pieres brothers were on point, slotting away a penalty each with no misses. An impressive and open style of polo gave the huge crowds something to cheer despite the weather and the scoreline did not reflect the closeness of the game which could have gone either way at any point. However, King Power proved to be too strong in the end and overpowered El Remanso in the second half, making the most of a three goal lead at half time to storm through to a 13-8 lead which El Remanso were unable to harness. King Power Foxes came out the winners for the third consecutive year, raising the coveted, golden trophy high for their team once again. James Fewster was the very deserved winner of the Most Valuable Player Award after a stellar performance which saw him score a huge 23.75 points.


Match Progression:

1-2    3-3   6-3   9-4   11-7   13-8


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