Today’s the Day

May 23, 2017 | FP News

The Queen’s Cup starts today and with it the true start of the UK high goal season and the first ever UK Fantasy Polo competition.

First up today at 12pm is King Power Foxes vs Sifani. At 3pm Talandracas take on all Brit team El Remanso.

The matches will be live streamed at so you can catch all the action as your players make points for you live on the field.

You have a couple more hours to make any last minute tweaks to your team before the transfer deadline kicks in at 12pm (UK time). You can still make transfers after this time, but they will subtract from your 15 transfer total which will last you through to the final of the Queen’s Cup on the 18th of May. Remember, the players you have transferred in, start scoring your team points from start of their next match. Any transfers made after this deadline will come into effect from the start of the next match. If you swap a player in mid match, he won’t start making you points until his next match.


Ph: Gillian Hughes