Top Picks for the Finals

June 15, 2018 | FP Strategist

With just 2 matches between you and Fantasy Polo glory take a look at our top picks for the sub final and final this Sunday and make sure you have the best team possible for this final hurdle.

Teams that are out:

Monterosso, El Remanso, Clinova, Valiente, La Bamba de Areco, RH and Les Lions

If you have saved enough transfers, a top tip would be to load up on players from the sub final and make changes between the 2 matches to add in some of the final players and really boost your point scoring opportunities.

Top Picks:

11am – Subsidiary Final – Emlor vs Talandracas

It’s going to be a tough match for Emlor against such a strong Talandracas side, although they are one man down having lost Lusarreta to injury. Agustin Merlos would be my number 1 pick if you have the money to spend as although Cavanagh is close in points, he has played an extra match so his average is lower. Ale Muzzio is making more points from his value than teammate Elizalde so he would be my Talandracas pick. In terms of patrons, there is no question that your money should be on Spencer McCarthy as opposed to Carmignac. He is worth more than the $1k difference in value.

3pm – Queen’s Cup Final – La Indiana vs Park Place

So many huge picks in this match up with Hilario Ulloa the standard favourite, while Juan Britos has remained number 1 in the Fantasy ranking throughout the tournament. For La Indiana, Alec White is doing great off his value and could be a good choice to leave you budget to spend elsewhere. Do you blow it all on 2 huge picks in Pieres and Ulloa or do you play the odds and go with Britos and White? If all goes according to plan, the four man team of La Indiana will be shutting down the strong attack Park Place side, focussing on the young gun Juan Britos, but who’s to know what will happen on the day. Michael Bickford is a stronger pick than Borodin, who should only be chosen if you are struggling for budget.


Ph: Helen Cruden