Top Picks for the Quarter Finals

July 13, 2018 | James Dodge

Now that number 1 player Joaquin Pittaluga and Thai Polo are knocked out of the tournament along with Monterosso, Emlor, and Murus Sanctus, we need to look at the best players available to you for the Quarter Finals.

Tommy Beresford is a beast and has been all tournament. While he is currently 14th overall he is 6th in his average game score. Park Place only played 3 games while others like Thai Polo played 4. He might not be at the top of the list in overall points, but he is playing like the other top 10 performers while only taking 23k from your budget.

Francisco Elizalde, I talked about him in my article about the best builds for the end of the group stage. He is still ranked number 3 overall, has only scored 9 points less than Facundo Pieres and is 11k cheaper.

Byron Watson, for the teams that are left, he is the by far the best player under 4 goals. For just 15k you can get a player who is averaging 20 points a game! Watson is tied with three 9 goalers in field goals scored and he should keep up this trend as no patron can cover him except for possibly Charlie Hanbury.


Ph: Helen Cruden