Top Quarter Final Picks

February 17, 2018 | FP Strategist


Timmy Dutta – Pilot’s ringer, Timmy still remains the most efficient player for you. His $5k price tag means that he is a real money saver and he will earn you solid points.

Henry Porter – the second most efficient player in the roster, Henry Porter has earned 70.25 points off a $14k value. He’s a great pick every day of the week.

Victorino Ruiz Jorba¬†– one of the youngest players out there La Indiana’s “Torito” is not only number 5 in the ranking he is also a steal off $21k and well worth considering for this quarters stage.

Sterling Giannico – at $15k Sterling is a great pick not only for his positioning on one of the strongest sides out there Tonkawa but also for his high point average and low cost per point earned.

Worth the Pricetag

Facundo Pieres – despite one of the highest price tags in the Fantasy roster Pieres remains a bargain in that he earns you 3.36 points per $1k he is worth. That’s a deal worth having in your line up.

Guillermo “Sapo” Caset – the leader of Tonkawa, Sapo remains a Fantasy force and a reliable pick for you. He might cost you $39k but certainly against the La Indiana side on Sunday he should prove to be worth it.


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