Top Tip – Match Ups

April 14, 2017 | Katie Vickery

I wrote a little while ago about the importance of keeping an eye on the fixtures and tournament structure when making team choices and transfers, but for those keen to reach the dizzying heights of the Top 10 on the Leaderboard, there is even more to the game than this.

It is important to also look at the match ups taking place. Facundo Pieres is a great example of a player who can either earn you a whopping 46.75 points as he did in the match against Audi on Sunday 9th of April OR can be effectively shut down, earning you a measly 1.75 points as was the case in his first match against Valiente on Wednesday 5th. The reason for this huge discrepancy in point scoring…? Against Audi, Facundo has free rein (excuse the pun) to perform 100%, scoring goals and essentially controlling the game. There is no one in the Audi team capable of shutting him down and as such he is a sure-fire point scorer and a top pick for your line up. However, put him against a stronger Valiente side where Cambiaso rules the field and is surrounded by a strong, defensive line up, Facundo is unable to shine. He is shut out of the game (the probable reason for their eventual loss) and unable to score you his customary points.

This is a good example of taking into consideration how your players will perform against which teams. Think of the team strengths and where each player shines for you. Get those goal scorers into your team quick when they are matched against a weaker side and when matched against a tougher side it’s all about the defensive backhands and low risk, non-foulers!