Top Tips – Fixtures

October 17, 2018 | FP Strategist

One of our number 1 top tips for you to take in to account when you are planning your team for the week is to play really close attention to the fixtures.

This means more than just who is playing when. Check how many matches a player has that week (La Ensenada have now played 3 games compared to just 1 from La Albertina or La Dolfina for example). Make the most of teams that have lots of games in close succession to boost your point scoring opportunities.

Also, with such mismatched teams out there this year, make sure you are paying attention to who is playing who. Don’t go picking players up against La Dolfina or Ellerstina when the results have been so one sided. With scores like 22-8, 20-6 and 20-4 you will seriously harm your team’s performance if you have picked layers those losing sides as their point scoring opportunities are low.


Ph: Katerina Morgan