Tortugas So Far…

September 26, 2017 | FP Strategist

Tortugas is underway and with all teams having played there are already some out and out Fantasy picks who should be grabbing your attention. After the first 2 matches it was all about Fantasy stalwart Hilario Ulloa who was top scorer with 42.25 after an impressive 10 goals (6 feld goals and 4 from the penalty line). This lead was then handed over to the newest 10 goaler on the block Nicolas Pieres who stole the show with 47.75 points after a killer match against Cria Yatay.

2nd in the Fantasy ranking after the first round of matches was newcomer and last minute addition to the Fantasy roster Alfredo Bigatti, the young 7 goaler filling in for the injured Eduardo Novillo Astrada. Even after Ellerstina and La Dolfina played and La Irenita and Cria Satay played their 2nd matches he remains in the top 5, an impressive feat. This is a hugely impressive start for the young player and if he continues to play he has certainly made himself one to watch. It is thought however that Eduardo will be back on form and ready to play in the Hurlingham Open next week, but as always keep your eyes on here and on our social media for updates.

Joaquin Pittaluga (last year’s ultimate wild card) lived up to his newly earned reputation, ranking 3rd after his first match with 34.75 points. A field goal from outside the 60 certainly helped and you should expect plenty more where that comes from from this big hitter. In his 2nd game against tougher opposition Ellerstina he didn’t do as well, earning himself just 10.5 points. This bumped him in to 2nd place in the rankings but he has 2 games under his belt as opposed to 1. The same for teammate Ignacio Laprida who’s 33 backhands have put him in good stead and make him an intelligent pick for those looking to pick up easy points.

It is interesting to note that none of the La Doflina player ranked particularly highly despite a huge 20-6 win over La Irenita.

Ph: Katerina Morgan