UK Handicap Changes

July 31, 2017 | James Dodge

After the British High Goal Season ended there were a few changes to players’ handicaps. Lets look at how this will effect possible teams for next season.

First and most shocking to me was Fred Mannix dropped from 8 to 7. Mannix led both tournaments in backhands showing his defensive prowess. He shot 71% on his penalty shots which isn’t amazing but it isn’t bad. I think the biggest weakness in his game is his lack of goals. He was in the bottom half in both tournaments for goals scored and that’s not something you usually see from the leader of a team. I think this is what put him down to 7 the lack of goals which, translates to his inability to carry a team. For example, Diego Cavanagh was also on a “weaker” team, but he himself still played extremely well. This will increase Mannix’s ability to play for different teams because he is a lower handicap and hopefully he can bounce back to his 8 goal play.

Agustin Merlos was bumped up from 8 to 9, no surprise here. He played amazingly through out the Queen’s Cup carrying La Indiana to the finals. His Gold Cup was less stellar because he was plagued with injuries however his clear leadership of the team, goal scoring capabilities and the fact that once injured, La Indiana were unable to keep up their winning streak shows that this is a well deserved bump, and will cause La Indiana to have to change their lineup next season.

David “Pelon” Sterling was dropped from 10-9. This is hard to see, a player that was once so dominant finally start to come down. If you watched any of the Talandracas games you saw that he wasn’t playing at a 10 goal level any more, but flashed his abilities a few times throughout the tournament. This should help Talandracs next season to bring is some better low goal pros to help spread out the field if they choose to remain with the same dynamic duo to lead the team.

Ollie Cudmore was changed from 5 to 6 goals. Again no surprise here this man got better and better as the season went on and was the offensive spark that lead El Remanso to the finals. Hopefully we can see the same line up back next season and their chemistry continue to grow.

Christian Laprida was dropped from 8 to 7 and this move makes sense to me, when you compare him to other 8 goalers such as Diego Cavanagh, who probably should be 9 goals, and Nic Roldan, who dominate the field. You just don’t see the same production out of Laprida. He was easily the worst 8 goaler Fantasy wise scoring just 54.5 and being ranked 32 out of 46 total players (including subs).

Nico Pieres is slowly climbing to join his brothers at 10 goal, only one more to go as he was raised to 9 goals. He was dominating for Habtoor and the leading Fantasy scorer for most of the tournament until his team was knocked out. Hopefully Nico can gain some continuity playing so well in Dubai, having a rough US season and then playing so well in the UK.


Ph: Imagesofpolo